~~ I Prayed ~~

I said a prayer for you today
That all your pain would fade away.
That you would feel His love for you
Surround your soul your whole day through.

I asked the Lord to give you peace
And that your worries would decrease.
I asked for joy and laughter too
And that He'd make your gray skies blue.

I prayed that if you just canít cope
That He would shower you with hope.
I prayed Heíd take away your fears
And that Heíd wipe away your tears.

I prayed and asked that you would feel
His gentle hand reach down and heal.
And when you feel down and depressed
I asked the Lord to give you rest.

He knows you may not understand
But He has all of your days planned.
Heíll never leave you this is true
Heís with you every moment through.

We all do struggle in our life
Trials we face that brings us strife.
Just lean on God and others now
And youíll get through it all somehow.

You see I love you very much
And I pray you feel Godís gentle touch.
Surround your heart and soul each day
As you keep trusting in His way.

I said a prayer down on my knee
That your pain and worries would just flee.
I said a prayer for you today
And everyday for you Iíll pray.

Nancy Burr

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This page is dedicated to a very special friend
Norma Marek, our thoughts and prayers
are with you Norma as you travel
through your battle with cancer.

Our God is our Master Healer, His love
and healing, with all our prayers
will see you win your battle.

The sunny shores of Australia await you!!

God bless you my friend.......Judy

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