On Easter morning as I awake,
I recall memories that make me quake.
For long ago on Calvary
My Jesus died to set me free.

I'll never really understand
Why God made such a wondrous plan,
That when we saw a humble man,
Jesus fulfilled God's perfect plan.

The crown of thorns upon His head,
The blood that for my soul He shed.
The cries of pain and agony,
It was all to set this captive free.

In life and death He bore my pain,
To make a way that life I'd gain.
And when He comes for us again,
The plan of God will be made plain.

Those nail-scarred hands and feet
Were all for us to stop defeat.
For now our soul can soar with Him.
The final victory we will win.

My eyes will I lift to heaven above
To catch a glimpse of God's divine love.
For He was the dove, pure white like snow.
Our flight will end in heaven I know.

Loretta Jane Moore

Permission granted by Loretta to use
her poetry on this website.

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