Your friendship has made me strong
I am so thankful for you.
When you are near and things go wrong,
you know just what to do.

You pick me up when I am down,
and cheer me when Iím blue.
You make me smile when I frown,
by some sweet thing that you do.

When I need to discuss some things,
itís you that I turn to,
Because I know whatever life brings,
my secrets are safe with you.

Through the years and the things
weíve done itís hard to contemplate,
How do I deserve the friend I have found?
You make my life so great!

We laugh. We talk. We sing. We cry.
There is so much that we do.
Itís easy to see that you really try
to keep me as happy as you.

When itís time to have some fun,
there you are again.
Youíre always there Ďtil each day is done,
for you are my lifetime friend.

When we go our separate ways,
yes, we have our own lives to lead.
I know it will only be days,
but youíll come if I am in need.

I love you and I thank you
for all you do and you say.
Iím blessed to be one of the few
with a friend who treats me this way!

So know there will be part of my heart
with you through thick and through thin.
Also know that we never will part
Ďcause you are my lifetime friend!

© Pat Ford ~ 2001

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Used with kind permission from Pat Ford.

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inspirational writings to be displayed on my website.


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Painting used on this page ~' The Secret'
by William Bouguereau ~ 1825-1905.