Memories are a delight to behold

They even grow stronger, as we're growing old.

The smiles and the laughter will always unfold

A joyous memory, even if it's untold.

When drifting away in the world of my mind,

There are so many feelings left in there to find.

  Memories are the tracks of my past

Like a good movie, they are made to last.

Whenever you're lonely and in need of a mate,

Just rewind the memory, you don't need a date,

As your memories are with you, they never will stray

You can just close your eyes and turn night into day.
  Now we're not together in this present hour,

We can still share the moments, for you have the power

To relax and remember, I'm still here in your mind,

Forever, as memories, through all of mankind.
Written by 
Sharynne L. Jupp
Thank you Sharynne for allowing me to 
share your wonderful poem on my site.

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