~~ Memories ~~

As our minds begin to wander,
Back to the days of yesteryear.
So many things, we thought were gone,
Can still bring forth a tear.

There are so many pages filled
And, yet, so much unsaid,
But, all the while, memories
Just keep running through our heads.

We think about our mothers and
All the memories we have shared.
We think about our grandmas
And their big old feather beds.

We think about our daughters
And the memories, oh so sweet,
As we recall a house that's filled
With the sound of tiny feet.

We know God truly cares for us.
For, He gave us a mother's love;
A love so sweet and tender ~ it could
Only come from heaven, above ...

A love that guards and shields us
From so many heartaches and pains.
And, when it can't protect us, we know
Mother will be there just the same.

Her life is like an open book,
Filled with many stories untold,
And all the time she gives to us
Is worth so much more than gold.

She took the time to throw a ball
And to help us bake a cake.
And, these are happy memories,
Which she has helped us make.

A good night kiss, a gentle hug,
And a smile upon her face;
These are among the memories that,
One day, we will embrace.

When the angels call and, on this soil,
Her feet shall trod no more ~
We will know she loves us still,
As she strolls on heaven's shore.

This life is short, no time to waste
On things that we can't change.
So, let's hold on to the good times
And let, God, our lives arrange.

Then, as a mother or a daughter,
Don't let life simply pass with time.
Start, now, to make memories
For those we leave behind.

As mothers, we know our children
Will be the reflection of all they've seen.
For, they learn, by observation,
To see if what we say ... we mean.

So, lead your children, from this day,
By a Godly example set;
As these are memories they will trust
And never will forget.

So, whether it be a tea party or
A movie and popcorn shared,
The child you love will cling to these
When life seems so hard to bear.

The Band-Aids on a fresh skinned knee,
The heart that love has broken,
Can all be healed with memories
Of a mother's love unspoken.

So, if tomorrow began without you,
What would your children say?
What would their hearts be filled with,
That you have left along life's way?

Would their thoughts bring love and laughter,
Of the moments that you shared?
Would their memories bring sweet assurance
And will they know how much you cared?

Will the memories, from their childhood,
Show how much you loved the Lord?
And, will they teach their own children
To obey and trust His Word?

Will they speak of you with joy and pride,
And praise your loyalties?
For, if all of this is what you leave,
Then you will leave sweet

~ Memories ~

2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey & Laura Lipsey Hayes

This writing may be copied in it's entirety, for non-profit purposes,
with author's credits remaining in tact.


Used with permission


I dedicate this page to all Mothers, daughters and Grandmothers
for all the love you bring into the hearts of those you love.





Painting used on this page is Michael Dudash

Used courtesy of Christ Centered Art