Mommy I see angels, when I lay down to sleep.
Im sure you do darling, close your eyes and sleep sweet.
Mommy I saw an angel at school, he was smiling at me.
Im sure he was love, now come in to eat.
Mommy I hear the angels, they tell me secret things.
They let me see their halos, and I have touched their wings.
Mommy the angels are leaving, but one has stayed behind.
She says that I should hurry, Im almost out of time.
I asked her what she meant Mommy, She told me I was going to die.
Foolish nonsense you said, yet shes telling me to say good bye.
Im not afraid Mommy, for I know when I go to sleep.
My very own angel, will stay with me.
It is morning Mommy, oh please dont cry.
I can see you still, from my home in the sky.
I tried to tell you Mommy, what the angels wanted you to know.
That the angels came for me, because it was my time to go.
Written by Angel -Aug 5th 1999




Thank you Angel for permission to use your poetry on my site.


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