I am writing this letter to ask for your help.
Do you know who I am?
I am the planet earth.
But I am much more than just a planet.
I am your Home. I am your Mother Earth.
And just like you, there is only one of me,
so I am very special.
I need to be loved and cared for, just like you.
Let me tell you more about myself.

I am the wet sand at the beach that squishes under your bare feet.
I am the grass you lie down on when you look up at my clouds.
I am the rivers and lakes and oceans you love to swim in.
I am the cool green forests, the hot red deserts,
and the cold white glaciers.
I love to hug you with my warm sunshine,
tickle you with my wind, and kiss you with my rain.

Now let me ask you something.
When you look in the mirror , what do you see?
You see your eyes, of course.
You see your hair, your nose, and your mouth.
And if you smile, you see your teeth.
Do you know what I see when I look in the mirror?

I see all the animals walking on my land.
I see all the birds flying in my sky.
I see all the fishes, whales, and
dolphins swimming in my oceans.
And all of these animals I see are my children.
But there is something else I see when I look in the mirror.
I see all of you!
I see you because you, too, are my children.

All of the animals that live on me
are your sisters and brothers!
We are all one big family.
But many people still don’t know
they are my children, and that all of the animals
are their sisters and brothers.
They still don’t know that we are one big family.

The animals have told me,
“We are worried, Mother Earth.
We are afraid because our homes are being
destroyed by people who don’t know better, or don’t care.
They don’t know that we are their sisters and brothers.
Mother Earth, these people are cutting down your forests,
dumping garbage in your oceans and rivers,
and filling your sky with pollution."

”Tell me, my children, where will the animals live
when my forests are all gone?
Where will the whales and dolphins swim
when my oceans are too dirty to live in?
And where will all the birds fly when my sky is poisoned?
Imagine what life would be like with no animals living on me.
What if there were no elephants left in Africa?
No tigers in India? No pandas in China?
What if there were no penguins in Antarctica?
No kangaroos in Australia?
No grizzly bears in the United States?

Imagine my oceans with no whales or dolphins
swimming in them, and all the seals and sea otters gone.
Imagine how empty my blue sky would look
with no birds flying.
And think how quiet the trees would be
with no birds singing.
I would be so lonely. Wouldn’t you be lonely too?
And so, my children, I need your help.
And the animals need your help, too.

“But Mother Earth,” you ask,
“how can I help you and all my sisters
and brothers animals when you are so big,
and I am so small?”
Well, my children, let me tell you something.
I am not so big. As a matter of fact, I am quite small.
When you go outside at night and look up at
all the millions of stars, you will see how small I really am.

Compared to the night sky, I am no bigger than you!
But because I look so big, people think
I don’t know what they do to me.
They think I can’t feel what they do to me. But I do know.
And I do feel.

My children, when many people do a little thing to me,
it becomes a big thing.
So it’s very important for each person
to stop doing things that hurt me,
or hurt their sister and brother animals.
Remember, there is only one of me,
but there are billions of people.

  So when each person does a little
something to help me, it makes a very big difference.
A very good difference.
Now what do you think is the biggest, most important
thing you can do to help me?
What do you think I need from you more than
anything else in the world?

I will tell you.I need you to love me.
That’s all.
Just love me as much as I love you.
Because when you love me, you will care for me.
And when you care for me, you will protect me.
And when you care for me and protect me,
you will save your Home,
and the homes of your sister and brother animals.
My children, tell your friends and other people
what I have told you.
Tell them I am their only Home, and that
I need them to love me and care for me.

Tell them all the animals are their sisters and brothers,
and that we are all one big family.
And tell them, too, that I always know
when they do little things to help me.
My dear children of the earth,
I will now end my letter to you.
Remember, I am your Home.

And just like you, there is only one of me.
If you love me, care for me, and protect me,
I will always be your Home.
Forever and ever.
I love you with all my heart,

Mother Earth

Written by - Schim Schimmer

Painting "Earth Angel"
Used with the kind permission of Josephine Wall

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