I once heard a mother praying,
As she rested on her knees.
In a chapel by the wayside,
She offered up her pleas.

In reverence, she was praying
For her son, who'd gone astray.
She prayed for his returning,
And let Christ show him the way.

Her prayers did not go unanswered.
For, God hears every one.
She left the chapel crying,
For she loved her wayward son.

The chapel bell was ringing,
As he hurried on his way.
But something deep within him,
Murmured, this is Mother's Day.

He knelt beside the roadway,
Where flowers were all in bloom,
And gathered up a garland
To decorate her room.

Returning home, this mother entered,
With a tear drop on her cheek.
She saw her son in sorrow,
So humble and so meek.

"Oh mother, will you forgive me?
I never understood.
Your care and understanding,
That our Saviour knows as motherhood."

"Oh son, forgiveness isn't needed.
For, now I understand
That this is part of growing up.
For today, you are a man."

Now, mother and I are kneeling
In this chapel by the door.
We see God in His Heaven.
His blessings are for ever more.

by Leslie M. Willson, Sr.

Poetry written by Leslie M. Willson, Sr.
is copyright and may not be reproduced
without written permission.

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Artwork used with permission from Thomas Kinkade.
Painting used is titled 'Aspen Chapel'.

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