The most important person on earth is a Mother!!!

A Mother cannot claim the honor of
building a Cathedral such as Notre Dame;
She has built something more magnificent,
a dwelling place for a spirit from God - Exclaim!

The tiny perfection of a baby's body,
a share in God's creative miracle;
To give life, love, hope and security,
for a soul to bloom and seek the oracle.

Any of us could have been a victim of abortion,
a Creator's prodigy forever lost unto a clan;
But because of our Mother's Precious Love,
we were nurtured into a woman or a man.

She has loved, toiled and often gone without,
to refine us into a special and unique entity;
Because of a Mom, we can express ourselves,
learn of love, grow in grace, for all eternity.

Our Mothers deserve our greatest respect,
but she does have an Earthly need;
For all our Love, an unexpected courtesy,
a gentle hug or maybe a thoughtful deed.

1998-2002 Max E. Sager
Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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Midi Playing is Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon.

from Terri's Midi Madness

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