A Mother's tears were shed today
For a battle long ago,
Her precious gift to a warrior son,
Whose fate she'll never know.

Not Heroes shiny medals,
For courage through their fears,
No ribboned badge of honor
Can match A Mother's tears.

A Mother's tears are courage,
A Mother's tears are hope,
For the babe once at her bosom,
Led away in a captive's rope.

Her badge of honor, "Mothers Tears,"
More precious than the gold,
In all the shiny medals
Of warriors brave and bold.

A Mother's tears forever,
Undimmed by grief and years,
Never tarnish ... never fade,
God's Diamonds ...
A Mother's Tears.

© 2001 - Marsha Burks Megehee

'A Mother's Tears' used with permission from copyright owner
Marsha Burks Megehee

Painting 'Reflections' by Alan Murray


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