Your kindness, love, touches my soul
Glowing warmth, there, to hold
Green eyes sparkle, like a star lit night
Saying they love me, it will be alright

You hold me in your arms, give a gentle kiss
I am in paradise, such heavenly bliss
That look in your eyes, tender lips I touch
My heart aching, I love you so much

Loving you eternally, always there for you
To love you forevermore, love each day is new
Kissing your delicate lips, in flickering candlelight
Our hearts come together, loving through the night

A beacon, radiant fire, glow upon your face
Skin soft as velvet, wanting to embrace
Loving eyes tell me, words could never say
Love so strong forever, fills the air each day

Love and emotion, hear it all around
The song of love, a beautiful sound
With me everlasting, always on my mind
With no other lover, such happiness could I find

Love I'll keep forever, until the day we part
Locked in a special place, deep within my heart
You're the one I love, the best thing in my life
The one I love so dearly, you my darling wife

Robert Lewis 1998-2003 - All Rights Reserved

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