From the rocky cliffs on the mountaintop
To the valley down below,
As the eagle soars in the deep blue sky
As long as the rivers flow.

To the one that is my soulmate,
To the one that is my life,
My love for you will never cease
You are the one my love, my life.

As the moon does journey across the sky
And sparkling stars appear,
Do not be afraid as I hold you tight,
There is nothing you need to fear.

You are delicate as a daisy
And beautiful as a rose,
As graceful as a deer in the wood
You are the one who knows.

I am the spirit of wolf inside,
The forest is my home.
I keep your love inside my soul
O'er the miles that I do roam.

As the sun fades away behind the trees
And life in the forest gets quiet,
I return home to you, my beautiful rose,
For you, my heart is not silent.

Written by~~Blue Wolf~~
September 27, 1997

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~ Painting 'The Lovers' ~ by Lee Bogle

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