~~ Indian Wind Talkers ~~

During the course of World War Two
some facts are known to only a few ...
America's Navajo Native Indian men
helped this world war to win!

With an unbroken message code
through foreign winds rode ...
sent by American radio dispatch
knowing enemies these messages would catch.

To Navajo's, "wind talker" was the name ...
to US commanders, "Navajo code talker" the same.
On the wind Navajo Native messages spoken
and to enemies the code was never broken.

The enemy many messages read
but could not understand Navajo words said.
Plans set and codes in secret
caused many an enemy ambush set.

Battles waged and easily won
with Navajos using their Native tongue.
The enemy found "wind code" unable to break ...
So the war was won for America's sake.

Navajo Braves helped bring peace.
Some gone, many to name each ...
But Chester Nez was one
with others who received commendation
from the President of the USA's Nation.

All across this American land
let's together proudly stand ...
giving thanks for our soldiers and others
but especially to and for our Navajo brothers!

Barbara (Bobbi) LaBarbera ~ 2003

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright ~ Do Not use or copy poetry
without first seeking permission from the author



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