Early in the morning,
Before the sparrow starts his song,
I thank God for yesterday,
And pray that I'll be strong.

I wish for tomorrow,
And the morrows to come.
But I live for today,
And I'll beat my own drum.

I welcome this day,
And the lessons I'll reap.
I shall gather them all,
And on them I'll sleep.

So when next morning comes,
And I rise from my bed,
Those lessons I learned,
Will be there in my head.

Each day as it passes,
Is precious to me.
Even the roar of the thunder,
And the lightining I see.

It's all part of God,
It's clear don't you see,
For God is in you,
And also in me.

Written by - Wind Walker

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Artwork Heaven's Masterpiece ~ by Jessie Barnes is provided courtesy of
"Christ Centered Art
Artwork used with permission.

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