I softly brushed her long black hair,
As she nestled by my side.
I held her tightly, in my arms,
As she closed her eyes and died.

She meant so very much to me,
I was proud to call her friend.
I'll miss her through the coming years,
Our love will never end.

If there's a life hereafter,
And our spirits carry on,
I know that she'll be waiting,
As we greet a brand new dawn.

But for now I feel so lonely,
And I sense her presence near,
I long to hold her, close to me,
As I wipe away a tear.

I miss her mostly, late at night,
When she's not by my side,
She no longer lies upon my bed,
And often I have cried.

I miss our quiet interludes,
Our special evening walks,
She'd stroll beside me patiently,
And listened while I talked.

I've tried, but I just can't forget,
Her last few mournful cries,
And how she tried to raise her head,
And gave her last few sighs.

But most of all, I know I'll miss,
All the love she freely gave,
I'll try to tell her how I feel,
When I visit her small grave.

You see...NIKKI was my 'Springer',
So I hope you understand,
I'll cherish her last act on earth,
As she turned and licked my hand.

Written by - Joe Pielmeier Sr. 1992

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It is with much sadness in my heart
that I tell you that Joe Pielmeier Sr.
passed away December 5th 2002.

Joe's inspirational poetry has touched the
heart and soul of many; Joe's memory will be with
us for all time through his words of inspiration
he shared with all admirers of his wonderful poetry.

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your inspirational poetry on my site.




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