I Wish You Joy And
Peace To Find

You were lifes' one true pearl,
my hope, my joy, my little girl.
I know you would have wanted to stay,
I know you don't want to be away.

A life so harsh, so cruel, so bleak,
I wish I had the words to speak,
I loved you dear and loved you true,
My life so rich because of you.

In my heart I'll hold you still,
whether or not it was my will.
I can not stop all these my tears,
but yet so glad you've no more fears.

To have known you just a little while,
was joy and blessing by the mile.
In all my life I'll never find,
a little one so sweet and kind.

These words of mine a hollow shell,
of all my heart you know so well.
In all life's journey old and new,
my heart belongs always to you.

I wish you joy and peace to find,
The enduring, lasting, eternal kind.

Written by - Catherine Scott