Precious Trinity, You are One.
You are the Father. You are the Son,
You are the Spirit that leads this soul
And, in Your image, I have been made whole.

You are the rock for which I stand.
You are the One who made all man.
You stand for goodness. You stand for love.
I stand at Your feet, as You reside above.

All knees of creation will someday bend
and Earth, as we know it, will someday end.
And to us, my Lord, a promise You made,
"Believe in Me, and you will be saved."

I pray for a time when all is peaceful.
I pray for a time when we'll all be equal.
The hunger that remains, today on Earth,
will all give way and recall Your birth.

Then, this world will know, without a doubt,
that Jesus is King and all others are out!
Lord, there's talk of streets of gold;
Won't need no heat, won't be no cold,

Won't need the sun that shines above,
for the Lamb is the Light that is thereof.
You are the Alpha and Omega,
the Beginning and the End.

You are my Father and You are my Friend.
Thank You, Lord!

Gary Hall

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Poetry used with permission from
Gary Hall

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