The Rainbow Bridge
There is a bridge connecting
  heaven and earth.
  It is called the Rainbow Bridge
  because of it's many colours.
  Just this side of the bridge,
  there is a land of meadows, hills and
  valleys with lush green grass. 
  When a beloved pet dies, the pet
  goes to this place.   
There is always food and water and
  warm spring weather. 
  Those old and frail animals are
  young again,
  Those who have been maimed are
  made whole again. 
  They play all day with each other.
But there is only one thing missing. 
  They are not with their special
  person who loved them on earth.

  So each day they run and play
  until the day comes when one suddenly
  stops playing and looks up.
  The nose twitches, the ears are up,
  the eyes are staring, and this
  one suddenly runs from the group. 
His bright eyes are intent.
  His eager body quivers as he
  flies over the green grass,
  his legs carrying him faster and faster.

  You have been seen, and when you
  and your pet meet, you take him or her
  into your arms and embrace. 
  Your face is kissed again and again,
  your hands caress that beloved
  head and you look once more
  into the trusting eyes of your pet, 

  So long gone from your life
  but never absent from your heart.
  Then you cross the
  Rainbow Bridge together
  never to be parted again.
Written by - M.A. Preston


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This page is dedicated to all the animal lovers who have
experienced the bond and love of a pet.

Note:  Many thanks to a visitor to my site
who emailed me with the name of the author of
"The Rainbow Bridge"