Dedicated to Laura

Some people have a special way
Of entering your life
Presence like a breath of spring
There to ease your strife

That is what you are to me
Sweet flowers of the spring
Velvet petals very soft
That give my spirit wings

I feel the warmth and beauty
When you are by my side
Your loyalty and special love
Fills my life with pride

Knowing you will always be
A constant friend that cares
Forever I will offer you
My litany of prayers

Jesus always smile upon
This gentle friend you gave
Every day please bless her
For her beauty never fades

Thank you for the flowers
That are showered upon me
Of all the gifts I've treasured
Your friendship comforts me.

~ Your Sweet Rose ~

Poetry is copyrighted by Francine Pucillo
Please do not use or copy without express permission of copyright owner.
Permission has been granted by Francine to use her poetry on this site.

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