Friends are those we care about 
who touch our very soul.
They can take the shattered pieces 
and once again make us whole.
We may not know just how this is 
or why they even care.
Just knowing they are part of you 
makes them so very rare.
Always follow that voice inside 
He will never steer you wrong.
And listen closely to His message 
comes across just like a song.
The sound you hear is from God above 
telling you, you are right.
Never listen to those who doubt you 
continue with His fight.
Many are chosen but never hear 
some donít know where to start.
But those who hear know the answer 
He lives inside your heart.
And just by listening you understand 
youíre part of a special team.
And the message spoken is simple 
always follow your dream.
Inside us all is another part 
that can sometimes feel like a hole.
But itís there he stores the answers 
itís where you keep your soul.
Protect it well from everyone 
cause you really never know.
The devil can try to steal it 
but with His help youíll never let go.
Loneliness is another tool 
the devil keeps in his bag of tricks.
And those who are the weakest 
are the ones on who he picks.
So always keep your faith in God 
Heíll always be at your side.
Never think he has left you 
and the devil will have no where to hide.
You are my new found inspiration 
my faith in you will always shine.
At last I found a special friend 
who Iím proud to say is mine.
And should you start to falter 
and need a reminder of who you are,
just call on your friend across the sea 
from you Iíll never be far.
 Written By - Donald Hayes
This page is dedicated to a very special young lady 
and dear friend - Karen.
Friendship is a gift we give ourselves, your friendship I will
always treasure. 

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