(Things Cancer Cannot Do!)

I wept when I discovered that I had the dreaded "C",
And needed operations, and much chemotherapy.
I wanted God to tell me why I had to suffer so,
And all the reasons for my pain, I begged He'd let me know.

He held me in His arms, and gently brushed away my tears,
And told me He'd sustain me, and would take away my fears.
I draw upon the daily strength that's mine from God above,
For cancer is so limited, it cannot cripple love.

I find that I am able to accept my lot, and cope,
For cancer cannot take my peace, nor can it shatter hope.
It can't destroy my confidence that God is on the throne,
Or even dull the memories of blessings I have known.

It cannot silence courage, and can't quench the Spirit's flame,
And though sometimes I waver, still God's power is the same.
Each day my Lord's so precious I must marvel at His grace,
And keep on looking forward to the time I'll see His face.

2000 ~ Betty Jo Mings

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