~~ When Two Teardrops Touch ~~

The stars of Heaven shatter, falling far and wide;
These tears of heaven scatter, and in the heart abide.

In the night they travel, streaking through the sky;
Showing me their fleeting life, as I quickly see them die.

The dying embers weaken, drifting upon the wind;
Piercing the veil of shadows, from the tempest they transcend

In your eyes I see those stars, as they fall in tears;
Just like so many I have shed, throughout the passing years.

Our tears are born of the Heavens, born of angels, ether, and such;
So how can there be sorrow, when two such teardrops touch?

Sheri Walters (aka) Falling Feather
and Don Everhart (aka) Wind On River
17 August 2003

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