Thank you dear Dad for answering the call;
Your bravery in World War II,
helped Australia stand tall.
My generation doesn't even understand
What your generation did for our land;
How you left ... mere boys of eighteen,
To go fight at places yet unseen.
To experience horror, pain and fear,
And yet you went to fight for everything
That Australia held dear.

You went without even asking why,
You went knowing you could possibly die;
Dear Dad, you should be honoured every day
And yet you never mention it . . .
Do you remember it in your heart?
Are you proud that you did your part?
World War II men possess strengths
That my generation doesn't even know;
Quiet bravery, courage and unity,
Against a common foe.

You were tested in countless ways untold,
Yet you marched forth in battle, proud and bold;
You saw stories that are too horrific to recall,
You saw your fellow soldiers and friends fall.
You then came back, married, raised a family,
Built a country too, now prosperous and free;
Time marched on; steady and true,
And now 50 years later, we still remember you.

You are grandfathers now and your hair is gray,
You'll always be our hero, for you led the way;
To a country where my children play,
Strong and free every single day.
The trials and hardships you endured,
The many terrible things you saw,
They know nothing about the cost,
Nor the very many friends you lost.

But we will teach them the lessons
You taught with your lives,
About courage and dignity
And the will to survive.
About the great ideal of democracy,
About the price you paid,
To make it all possible,
To live in a free land.

Thank you, dear Dad, for being so strong,
Thank you for standing up against wrong.
You'll always be my hero and Australia's too!
We will always be indebted to you.
Thank you for going so long ago,
Thanks for securing this blessed life I know;
Thank you for fighting to keep us free,
Thank you for saving the future for me.

Written by
~ Anne Dunajcik ~

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Photograph used is of my Dad (William Cue)
taken prior to his tour of active service
in Bouganville, December 1942.
Dad was 18 years of age when he enlisted
on 16th December 1942, with the 15th Battalion,
Australian Imperial Forces (AIF)
and was discharged 16th January 1947.

The Australian Army 'Rising Sun Badge'

Proudly worn by soldiers of the 1st and 2nd
Australian Imperial Forces in both World Wars.
The 'Rising Sun' badge has become an
integral part of Digger tradition.

The distinctive shape, worn on the upturned
brim of a slouch hat, is readily
identified with the spirit of ANZAC.

The ‘Rising Sun’ badge was originally entitled
'The General Service Badge' but, it is now
officially called the Australian Army Badge.
It will, however, always be referred to as
The ‘Rising Sun’.

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