Far across the blue horizon
I hear a mighty eagle scream;
I struggle to hold it in my sight
But wake to find it only a dream.

I was walking along a wooded path
Where many feet before have trod;
And in this beautiful primal place
I felt the awesome presence of God.

Oh, take me back again to that dream
That I might live as "They" did then;
Those people who loved all creation
The people that were called "Indian".

Cecelia M. Gross

Please email Cecelia Gross for permission
to use ' The Dream'

God bless you Cecelia for sending me ' The Dream'
to be displayed on my website. I am ever so humbled
and honoured to have been given the opportunity
to create this page.
I am sure many will be touched by the spirit
of this wonderful poem.

Please take a moment and email Cecelia,
she would welcome your thoughts and impressions
of this inspiring poem
'The Dream'


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