Born when the world moved at a tranquil pace
Into a tribe of the human race;
In the time of the great winter snow
That was many many moons ago.

He grew to become a strong and true brave
As his father taught him the ways;
Learning to hunt with stealth
And give thanks to the land
For it is the ways of the Indian man.

Then his universe began to change
As bisons slowly vanished from the plains
And the Indians' way of life was no more;
For many moons and many times they went to war.

He fought fearlessly at the Little Big Horn
Beside his brothers of the nations;
Then many moons later...he was asked to go...
Across the oceans...with a wild west show.

He perished in a strange and distant land
Which the world calls England;
And many more moons had to pass
Before his spirit again came
Back to the land of his ancestors.

Lone Wolf was his name.

Linda Marie Founts - June 2002

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