Two towers stood side-by-side so high in the air,
So strong, so commanding, so proud to be there;
Completing a landscape now frozen in time,
A part of the old New York City skyline.

How can we forget that a part of us died?
When freedom and evil were forced to collide,
The towers were hit, but our hearts crashed as well,
The moment our freedom and liberty fell.

Trapping Americans deep in its core,
Pushing once peace to the onset of war.
Collapsing so strong and so fast on our peers,
Evoking our gravest and darkest of fears.

Shaking our foundation and causing the slide,
The most valuable loss was that from inside.
Our Mothers and Fathers once bright and alive,
Helped our sisters and brothers fight to survive.

Our friends and cousins fought hard to pull through,
As our sons and daughters did the best they could do.
Americans watched in horror, hands tied to prevent
The avalanche of humanity brought down to cement.

Now side-by-side, new strength rose in the towers place,
Men and women working at a hurried, frantic pace;
Through piles and piles of wreckage and debris,
Hoping that more survivors is what they would see.

Americans banning together, soaring flags, showing pride
Looking to a higher power, so thankful to be alive.
Struggling with torment and helpless feelings of unrest,
Certainly our great Nation had received its ultimate test.

And as the world watched and prayed, counting the days,
Offering help in so many astounding, inspirational ways.
A miracle happened; the ruble and debris began to rise,
American's watched in amazement, not believing their eyes.

White, billowy wings surfaced - breaking through the ground,
Spirals and spirals of bright, beautiful light danced around.
They're Angels, my God! Wings upon wings soaring to be free,
Flapping, ascending, flying through the space
where the towers use to be.

Dancing and laughing, smiling and singing
as they rise through the air;
Thanking, applauding, kissing America for the
freedom that we share.
As tears befall the eyes of those distressed
and pained to see them go,
They offer up their hearts, their strength
and most importantly their souls.
For America they fly so high, so far,
as they flutter their good-byes.
For they are our Heroes, our greatest sacrifice,
our towers of angels in the skies.

Megan Marinello - September 2001

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and soul as it did mine.

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Photograph of firefighters raising the flag is
2001 The Record, (Bergen County, NJ).

Picture of golden angels was scanned from a card,
Artist is unknown to me.

To the best of my knowledge other pictures used in the
creation of this page are not bound by copyright.
If you should know contrary to this, please
email me so I can acknowledge
appropriate credit.

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This page is dedicated to all the innocent
victims who lost their lives as a result
of the dispicable act of terrorism
against the USA - September 11, 2001.
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all
those who have been affected by the attack
on the USA.

Dedicated 11th September 2002.

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