I stood all alone upon the bluff
I could see for miles around;
The sky was so beautiful and blue
Everywhere were nature sounds.

Across the valley where mountains rise
Smoke puffs filled the sky;
It was a messaage from the chief
I felt a sudden chill as his words did fly.

The message was over in minutes
But would live on for many years;
He told me about a journey
It was called "The Trail of Tears".

The Cherokees' homes were taken from them
Which they had worked so long and hard for;
Thousands were lost along the way
Upon reaching Oklahoma, they lost more.

They hated this new barren land
That they were made to live upon;
There was nothing they could do
Their fate was sealed by just one man.

These people who loved all creation
Liked nothing better than to be free;
Were displaced with no regard
No more beautiful mountains could they see.

They made the best of what they had
For them life would never be the same;
The way that they were forced to live
Made them weep and feel such shame.

© Cecelia M. Gross ~ 9th October 2002

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God bless you Cecelia for sending me ' Trail of Tears'
to be displayed on my website. I am ever so humbled and honoured
to have been given the opportunity to create this page.
I am sure many will be touched by the spirit
of this wonderful poem.

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'Trail of Tears'

The Legend of the Cherokee Rose began on
the trail of tears that started in 1838.

The Cherokee Mothers were grieving and crying
so much, because they were unable to help
their children and families survive the journey.

The elders had begun to pray for a sign that
would lift the mothers spirits and give them strength
to make it through the rest of the trip.
The next day a beautiful rose began to grow
where each of the mothers tears had fallen.

The Rose is white for the tears that were
shed by the grieving mothers;
The gold center represents the lands
and gold taken from Cherokee people;
The seven leaves that are on each stem
represent the seven Cherokee clans.

The Wild Cherokee Rose still grows along the route
of the Trail of Tears and in Oklahoma.

Cherokee Rose became the official flower
of the State of Georgia.

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