Lord make me a channel of your peace
When I am depressed show me compassion
and do it with ease.
Let me see that there is more in life then just me
Fill me to the brim and only mercy let me see.

Open me up and let my light shine
For other peoples problems are greater then mine.
Where there is hope let me show love
Please make me a good listener and let me
witness about God up above

Send me the strength to face every trial
that comes into my life
Let fortitude come first instead of strife.
Lord, Break me down and make me humble
Everyone sometimes falls and takes a tumble..

Take away that stubborn nature that keeps
me tied down
Lift me up and plant my feet on solid ground
I want to be all that you want me to be
My service is your desire
Give me Angel wings and let me fly a little higher

Make me a vessel of mercy
Father, make me a vessel that's true
Fill me with love and compassion and fashion
my heart to be a vessel worthy of you.

Nancy Hoback 2003

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I dedicate this page to my son Troy and all others who
are facing adversity and heartbreak in their lives
My thoughts and prayers are with you as I ask God
to bless you with His love, strength and guidence
as you start out on a brand new pathway of life

I love you Troy.....Mum

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