~ Beneath A Lovely Willow Tree ~

Beneath a lovely willow tree
With velvet grass combined
My heart so filled with joyfullness
My love for you defined.

I close my eyes in special dream
I see you standing there
Handing me a special gift
Your beauty I can hear.

As wind is softly blowing
The willow starts to sing
Loves sweet gentle melodies
My heart to you I bring.

Oh willow of my special dreams
My tree of graceful lace
Has given me the joy of you
In memories retraced.

~~ Francine Pucillo ~~
copyright 2000

Art work and poetry is copyrighted by
Jim Behlen and Francine Pucillo
Please do not use or copy without express permission of copyright owners.
Permission has been granted to use these works of art on this site.


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