Lord, give me words to heal
the wounded, and bandages
Of hope to cover their scars.

Give me, Lord, a torch of
inspiration to usher someone
through the dark tunnel of despair;
Hands that heal the scars
And dissipate their fears.

Eyes to see beyond the mask
The painted smiles they wear…
Eyes to pierce the veil of pain
And a prayer cloth for their tears.

Give me an ointment of love, a balm
To mend the broken hearts,
A candle of courage to light the path
When the night is dark.

Give me fortitude to fight
A flame of doubt
With a flame of faith…
Courage to tell the world
Of Your amazing grace.

Give me wisdom to differentiate
Between a dream and reality
Discernment to know whatever comes
In my life You’ve allowed to be.

Give me strength to run this race
Though the finish line be far
For I long to be all that You’ve made me
And become everything You are.

~ Written by - Gladys Washington ~

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~ Painting 'The Gift' ~
by Lee Bogle

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