Was there a dove at Jesus' birth,
Bringing peace and goodwill to earth?
Doves were messengers of God's peace,
Brought hope with love to release.

Noah sent a dove from the ark,
An olive leaf it brought before dark.
The third time the dove did not return.
Noah would have peace for his sojourn.

At Jesus' baptism the Spirit of Love,
Came to Him in the form of a dove.
A voice from heaven magnified His name;
Salvation for all: Jesus would proclaim.

Jesus cleansed the temple of greedy men;
With a whip drove out the sheep and oxen.
But the doves were not to be taken out;
These birds of peace he did not rout.

Was there a dove on Christmas Night,
Bringing the Spirit of Truth and Light?

In our troubled world of sin and greed,
Will we, The Prince of Peace heed?

James Herbert Henderson ~ December 16, 2002

Hartselle, Alabama

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