God gave me a friend across the miles,
Who read the same Book as I;
I found we had so much in common,
We exchanged our words with a sigh.

When I read the poems that she wrote,
I thought ~ I would say it that way,
It's so wonderful how the Lord leads us by
The words we write every day.

We share our words, my friend and I,
They seem to flow across the miles.
Two hearts joined by a friendship,
Blessed by our tears and our smiles.

We write the things God puts on our hearts,
With pen and paper ~ we have our own styles.
So different and yet really quite the same,
My wonderful friend across the miles.

One day there will be no miles in between ~
I think we shall walk arm in arm,
Perhaps sit awhile at our Master's feet
Listening to His charm....

Even though the miles lay between us here,
In Heaven we'll be side by side.
God will say, "Well done my faithful poets",
You've filled my heart with such pride.

Then we will blush and we'll bow our dutiful heads;
For both of us know full well
The God-given blessing we shared on earth
Was the story He urged us to tell!

2005 Claytia Doran and Joan Clifton Costner

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