Page 10 ~ 2006

Worship With You ~ Loving Memories Award & Indian Heritage Award of Excellence

Wisdom Seekers of New Zealand ~ Angels Supporting Angels Award

Realm of the White Wolf ~ Protector of Animals Award ~ Poetic Passion Award ~ Touch of Elegance Award

Different Worlds ~ Children of the Universe Award, Window of Friendship Award & Spirit of Love Award.

Angel Hearts Coming out of the Dark ~ Inspirational Award of Excellence & Elegance and Beauty Award.

Fall out boy UK ~ Light, Love and Wisdom Award

Pennsboro Church of God ~ Spreading The Word of God Award

FMS / CFS Support Group ~ Window of Friendship Award, Spirit of Love Award, Eternal Light Award & Loving Hands Award.

Magic Needle & Golden Threads ~ Magic Wand Award

Down Home Harriers ~ Pet Lover Award

Firette's Matami Mimmi ~ Protector of Animals Award and Pet Lover Award