As you walk with me through my realm of sunshine and smiles
it is my prayer that you will find some words of wisdom, encouragement,
love and comfort in whatever it is that your life brings you at this time.

Most of my pages contain graphics, music or applets, so they may take
a moment or two to load, my hope is that you will find any wait worthwhile.
Please feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions you may
care to make about my little home on the net, I really do appreciate
your messages and respond to every one of them personally.

If you have found a special poem or verse that has touched
your heart, brought back happy memories, maybe even a tear or two,
would you please be so kind as to leave your thoughts and impressions
in my guest book.  It would also be appreciated by the authors of the poetry
you have enjoyed, if you were to email them and let them know
you appreciated their poetry.

Finally I would like to say thank you to all the talented and gifted poets
whose poetry is displayed on my website and to you, my visitors, for without
you, my site would not be what it is today.

Now let's stroll through my realm of sunshine and smiles ...........

God bless you and those you love...........Judy

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Published books of Poetry by Friends

Whispers from the Heart
by Norma Marek
Angel Inspired Poetry
by Faye Kilday
Journey of Love
by Ginny Bryant
When Easter Dawns
by Joan Clifton Costner
My Journey With Spirit
by Eunice E Powe
Heavens Gate
by Pearlie Duncan Walker
more to come more to come
more to come more to come


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