My name is Linda Ann Henry. Some call me the people's poet because I write for the people.
I started writing in 2002, when I found out I was adopted.
I was an unknown poet for two years, not going anywhere. One day I e-mailed a poet,
who has been my life support ever since. She is called Heartwhispers.

When I first started e-mailing my poems to her, I do not think either one of us knew
where it would take us. She had my work "Can I light a candle" published
because at the time I was hurting from learning I was adopted.
So she wanted to help my self-esteem. Then after a few poems, she saw I had a gift
from God and now I am well known as the people's poet.

I never forget where I came from and sometimes my spirit sister Heartwhispers
has to remind me that I am good and I was never a mistake.
I found out the hard way God does not make mistakes only miracles.
I am here to listen to anyone who needs help.
I was once at the end of my own rope until an earth angel found me.
Her name is Heartwhispers.

Poetry by Linda Ann Henry

God's Art
On the Wings of a Dove
You Were Sent to me From Heaven
Jesus, Teach me How to Pray
My Heavenly Father
Winter in my Heart
God's Masterpiece
There is Always Tomorrow
Faith Hope and Charity
My Precious Love
Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon

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