Valentyne Lang with grand daughters, Taylor and Brooke.

Here's a wee bit about me......Valentyne Lang....Hmmm...let me see now.

Well, I was born in a little city in South Eastern Ontario, Canada, named Owen Sound.
We enjoy all seasons in a year, with the exception of winter,
which I'm not even remotely fond of.
I enjoy photography, hockey, baseball, and most other sports,
and of course, writing.

Making a career of nursing was my chosen love in life.  The rewards that were returned
to me are countless.   I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful and
courageous folks who helped me realize that good health
is everything, and to be very grateful.

I am the proud Father of three wonderful daughters, Cindy, Trudy, and Janet,
and equally proud Grand Dad to Nicole, Taylor, Brooke, and Meagan.
Four beautiful little grand girls, they're so cute.....well....most of the time :).
I'm very grateful for having three great son in laws.
They are hard workers, and take good care of their families.

Two of my daughters have followed in their Dad's footsteps,
and are both enjoying nursing careers.
My oldest daughter is employed by a large book bindery company.

I hope you will take a journey with me through a selection of my poems,
which are based on Love, Friendship, Spiritual,
and Issues that are important to me.

If you enjoy what you read, and find the content to contain words
or phrases that cause you to think, then please take a moment
to leave your comments in the guest book.
Thanks, I would appreciate it.

Valentyne Lang

Poetry by Valentyne Lang

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More to come More to come


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