I was born Norma Lee Cornett 62 years ago in the beautiful
mountains of Kentucky in the USA, to a sort of poor family
but very rich in love and faith.
Poetry has been my passion all my life. Before I could read or write,
poems ran through my mind like water in a stream.
I have two living children and three children who died at young ages.
At this time in my life I live on several acres of wooded land
in the state of Tennessee with my husband of almost 30 years.
We enjoy the wildlife and  peacefulness of the solitude here
in these woods that we keep natural.
I love painting scenery and making quilts.
After my massive stroke 2 years ago I began to use
the computer as part of my therapy.
I have made many dear friends on the internet,
I send all of you my love, hugs and God's blessings.
Norma Marek.

**** Norma Marek lost her battle with cancer 17th July 2004 ****

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 Norma Marek's book of poetry "Whispers from the Heart"

Poetry by Norma Marek

A Place in Time Lord, Today I Need You
My Riches Tomorrow Never Comes
 Mommy Did You See
The Angel
In Loving Memory of
My Granny
Awesome Gift  Whispers in the Garden
 Seven Left Today Knock Not Upon My Door
A Time Over Yonder A Child Again
A Raindrop in the Ocean Let me Introduce Myself
Did you know I spent the
day with  you?
Crying In The Night
My Special Christmas Tree From a Soldier at Christmas
Reflections Dear God, Could You Please
Christmas Wishes The Innocence of Children at Christmas
I'll Feel Blessed Tribute to Australia
Soldiers Last Letter Home Today
My Sweet Friend Letter To My Lord
A Special Invitation The Hourglass
Time Slips Away My Child Is An Angel
Memories and Beyond  
The Ghost of Waverly The Lovely Ghost of Waverly

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