My name is Vickie Lambdin, I am a divorced widow, with a 27 year old son
Brandon, of whom I am very proud - Brandon is the Head Webmaster of
 Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky, where he graduated in 2000.
I reside at Siler, Kentucky, in the USA.  I love to write poetry,
I write about all subjects,  my favourite poetry however, is
Inspirational, I love writing poems for the Lord.
 I also write poems on Alzheimer's, love, sentiments
and animals; also Bible Story Poems.
I hope everyone that reads my poetry gets a blessing from
them, as I have been blessed in writing them.  My main
objective is to touch someone's heart, and maybe
along the way help lead some lost soul to the Lord.
Blessings from Vickie Lambdin.


Treasured Thoughts Poetry by Vickie Lambdin

Our Mother's Love Save The Wolf
Bunny Heaven Our Special Father
Precious Memories Autumn Scenes
Thanksgiving Blessings My Love
The Slopes of Colorado A Sweet Mothers Love
Touched by an Angel My Forever Valentine
More to come More to come
More to come More to come


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