These poems are dedicated to the pets and animals that we
have grown to love and appreciate for their unconditional
 love, happiness, understanding and friendship so freely given.
Losing a pet will often bring
grief , pain and an emptiness that
can leave a massive void in the lives of our family and ourselves.
Being able to express these feelings is very important to each and everyone
of us, often reading poetry such as you will find on these pages will help you
and your family to come to terms with your loss and know that
your pets are in a beautiful place we know as heaven,
and there they will be waiting, for you when it is your time
to make that  journey into the spirit world.

Dedications to Our Pets & Animal Kingdom

  True Blue
   I Stood by Your Bed Last Night
The Greatest Gift
I am Free
  Death Row

How Could You!

Old Dog in a Locket

Rainbow Bridge Bunny Heaven
             by Vickie Lambdin
Precious Memories
by Vickie Lambdin
Until we Meet Again
More to come More to come
More to come More to come
More to come More to come

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