Old dog in a locket 
That lies next to my heart, 
I will always love you 
As I did right from the start. 
You were right beside me 
Through the darkest of my days, 
It was your kind and gentle nature 
That made me want to stay. 
Now I hold you in my arms 
Your breath still warm against my hand, 
Our hearts still beat together 
And I wonder if you understand. 
Through the hours that I held you 
Before the light did leave your soul 
I knew a way to keep you 
Forever in my hold. 
I snipped the hair from around your eyes 
So I would always see 
The beauty that surrounds me 
Even in times of need. 
I snipped the hair from around your ears 
So I would always hear 
Music in the distance 
To quiet any fears. 
I snipped the hair from across your back 
To bring me strength in times of need 
And the power of your essence 
Would always be with me. 
I snipped the hair from around your heart 
That beats in time with mine 
So I would know that love would find me 
At some distant time. 
And so your life slipped out of mine 
On a quiet, spring-like day 
But I knew that part of you 
Was always here to stay. 
Old dog in a locket 
That lays next to my heart 
I will always love you 
Even though we had to part. 
-Written by Bob Hefner -

This page is dedicated to our faithful and much loved
Family pet 'Anzac'
Anzac is a pedigree Bull Terrier. 
Anzac has been awarded with 3 first division prizes and
1 second prize place in the West Australian
Bull Terrier show dog competitions.
  Anzac was given her name in remembrance of
of our treasured family dog - Zoe.
who passed away November 1999.