The one constant reality about the poetry and stories written by
James A. Kisner is that you will  identify with many of them. 
You will find yourself caught up in the emotions of his writings,
because you know  how it feels to experience what
the words are saying.
James (PoppyK1 as many know him) continues to touch the hearts
of people around the world as he writes about his personal, family
 and friends real  life experiences,  struggles, loves and heartaches.
It has been said that if you can read some of James' poetry
without a tear or two, then you better check your pulse
to see if your heart is still beating.

Poetry by James A Kisner

Only Time It Just Hurts
In memory of 
September 11th, 2001
Name Of Pride Roses for Rose
Peaceful Fleeting
Decision Time If I Only Knew
My Daughter You Will See The Gray One
Beyond The Gate In Touch
 Know This My Daughter Always my Son
Little Neighbour Treasure Box
In My Eyes  Once Again
 Thanksgiving Actions The Thankful Box
Do Angels Know?  Soon
Unselfishly Annie's Farm
Beloved Mother More to come

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