My name is Eunice Elizabeth Powe.  I  was born in Wales in Great Brtain.
I have been married twice.  I have 4 children, 18 grand children
and three great grandchildren.
I have travelled quite a lot and lived 12 years in Australia.
A wonderful experience.

I am a Spiritualist and have done Spiritual Healing but because of
my own bad health I can only now give absent Healing.
I love writing Inspiration poetry and learning more each day.
I love people and learning different cultures.
My world is not very active now as 4 strokes have taken away
my mobility but I try to think and feel positive.

May the love and light of God surround you all.

Inspirations by Eunice Powe

The Many Meanings of Love
My Little Spirit Friend
To My Valentine
The Colours We Choose
The Silence of the Forest
A Memory
Our Journey Beyond
Change War Into Peace
When The End Is Near
More to come
More to come More to come
More to come More to come


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