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Awards Received 

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Thank you so very much for the kindness and thoughtfulness of those 
who have given me these awards.  
Please be so kind to visit their sites and share in their creative spirit 
and beautiful websites.

God bless you and those you love.




Thank you Hal for these wonderful awards, it is an honour to display them on my awards page.


Thank you Phamous Philo - 'The Legacies of Dominaria' - for your wonderful awards

Thank you John for your very kind words of encouragement and this wonderful award.
I too love surprises, receiving this award from you was truly a surprise, thank you.


Thank you so very much Wolf Whisper for your wonderful Award and gift. 
Your very kind words have touched my heart, thank you..

Thank you Laura for your kind words


God bless both Richard and Joyce for their kindness and generosity in giving these wonderful awards, please click on the above awards to visit their sites.

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