I am 69 years old and live a great life although I have some
heart problems  and have been diagnosed with cancer,
 which seems to be in remission at the present time. 
I canít be as active as I once was but I enjoy short walks and my
wife and I enjoy taking short automobile trips. 
I trusted Christ as my Savior at the age of 52, although I thought I was a
Christian since childhood.  It was a rude awakening but I now
have a joy and a peace that Iíd never known before. 

 Shortly thereafter I began writing poetry for Godís glory. 
God is real in my life and I enjoy being his child. 

I have three children and eight grandchildren and love them each and every one. 
My wife, Patty and I were married in 1960 and have  a wonderful life together. 
Since we both have experienced some health problems we find each day
we spend together to be special. 
We both love God and want to daily please him in all we do. 
Love in Christ, Bob Hefner

Inspirations  by  Bob Hefner

Memorial to Hazel
One Mothers Experience
Thank you Dear God for Mothers He Will Make Your 
Day Rosy
 Carry A Stone As I Look Back
 God's Grace Brought Me Through  Dear God, You're In Control
 Dear Friend  God Is In It
 As You Leave  Disappointments
Youth is a State of Mind Before You Go
Christian Dads You're Special You're Precious in His Eyes
You're Not Worthless Your Life Is A Book
You'll Have Joy and Peace Talk To A Friend
Old Dog in  Locket More to come


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