I look at you and you look so sad, 
Your eyes tell me you're feeling bad. 
I'm sorry to see you feel this way,
 And I'd love to see you smile today. 
I remember when you enjoyed life, 
Then onto the scene came lots of strife. 
You appeared to take it all so well, 
Nothing bothered you as far as I could tell. 
But all was not the way it seemed, 
You were tranquil outside but inside you steamed. 
Until one day you could take no more, 
You lost the composure you had before. 
Your life was over so you thought, 
But common sense tells us it's not. 
There's so much good you still can do,
 If you'll let Jesus' love show through you. 
You know God loves you, I've heard you say it, 
And you read His Word and strive to obey it. 
Turn your problems and troubles over to Him, 
He'll make your outlook rosy instead of grim. 
written by Bob Hefner 

Art work is copyright by Danny Hahlbohm, 
and is used on this site with written permission from Danny.
Please do not use or copy artwork without permission from Danny Hahlbohm.


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