Many have asked me to share a little about myself and my family and also to have some photographs on my site. 
Well here is a little about me and the people I care about and love the most.  

I have been happily married to Graeme since 16th December 1966.  We have 3 sons, Peter 38, Scott 31 and 
Troy 28.   Peter went back to University as a mature age student at 31 years of age, he graduated  April 2002
with a Bachelor of Business Degree with Double Degree in Sports Management and Marketing.
We are so proud of what Peter has accomplished, we are sure he will do well in all his future endeavors, 
as he has commitment, dedication and a will to succeed.

Scott has a wicked sense of humour and like me spends every spare moment sitting in front of a computer.
Scott has had an avid interest in aviation since he was a bit of a kid, ask him anything about aviation 
and he will tell it all.  Scott wanted to become an airline pilot but due to lack of 
commitment when it counted, this dream was not to be his.
Troy is our youngest, I tell him he will always be my baby, he just says "oh Mum..........."  
Troy did not have a good start to life, he actually stopped breathing for several minutes during 
a very bad breech delivery.  Troy was actually pronounced dead, but with a miracle from God, 
Troy made it through.  We were told shortly after Troy miraculously began breathing that he would 
certainly be left with brain damage, but another miracle was to be given to us - Troy has no side effects 
due to his dramatic start to life.  Troy's relationship with his partner, sadly came to an end, but their love produced
a beautiful son, Joshua, our first and only grandchild.  
Graeme and I feel so very blessed  in that we have Joshua stay with us 
at least once a week, often a few days at a time.   

Joshua was born 3 July 2001, a beautiful healthy and happy soul.  Joshua did all the normal things
little babes do, goo'd and gar'd, kept us awake for a few months with the 2am feed, smiled when he saw 
a familiar face, crawled at 5 months and started walking when just 10 months old.  
Joshua is our pride and joy.... a real little man and knows just how to wrap his
Nana and Pop around his little finger.  Joshua loves us to play cricket
and football with him, yes he is a real sports fan!!!

I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, my Mum still plays a very important part in our lives.  My Dad passed away
at 51 years of age with a massive heart attack.  There were no prior signs of heart problems with my Dad.  
My Dad died in my arms, in the same room I was born in 27 years prior.   Mum on the other hand, 
had her first heart attack at 33 years of age and was paralyzed by a stoke 3 weeks before our son 
Troy was born.  Mum has a wonderful outlook on life, a  survivor - a fighter and 
the best Mum God ever created.  

I hope you will enjoy browsing through a small selection of happy snaps of family and friends.


My son Peter at his graduation                                                                Troy, Elly Rose and Anzac, our bull terrier  28th April, 2002.

   Troy, Elly Rose and Joshua - October 2001                                            Judy, Peter and Graeme at Peter's graduation 2002


                                            A happy family gathering with Graeme and  our 3 sons, Peter, Troy and Scott.                        Judy and sister Zelia


My youngest brother Gary, wife Heather and youngest son.                       Our darling little Joshua with his fairy wings.

        My Mum and me - cutting the 'BIG 50'                                           My Nana, (Mum's Mother) passed away 10 July 2001,
                               birthday cake.                                                                 2 months short of her 99th birthday. Nana knew how
                                                                                                                           much I longed to be a Nana, I believe Nana held on to
                                                                                                                           life just long enough to see me become a Nana too.
                                                                                                                           I hope I have all the qualities of being a loving and
                                                                                                                           caring Nana - just like my Nana.