Emily McAdams lives in a small town in Northwest Louisiana, USA
and has lived there all her life.  Emily is married for the second time
 to her  soul mate, between them, they have 3 sons, a daughter,
5 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.
  Emily still works at the same job she has had for 41 years, 
and has just celebrated her 60th birthday.
Emily became a Christian at 19, but moved away from the Lord
until He brought her to her knees in August of 2001. 
A couple of months after that she started writing Christian poetry
in an effort to show the wonderful mercy and grace
of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  She had no idea she could
write poetry, and says "I know that the words come only from my Lord
and I am only the vessel. My prayer is that someone
who is lost or has moved away from the Lord,
 as I did, might be touched in some way and come to know
Jesus as their personal Saviour."

Expressions  by Emily McAdams

 A Mother's Letter To God  To Mother and Daddy
   Jesus is Waiting Whispers From Our Lord
Choose Jesus More to come
More to come More to come
More to come More to come
More to come More to come
More to come More to come


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