Nancye V. Sims lives in the United States and is a resident of Lexington,
Kentucky.  She has written inspirational poetry for over twenty five years.
Her writings have been published by Blue Mountain Arts in books, on cards,
and other mediums, and can be read on hundreds of web sites including her
own.  She is the author of "For Those Who Dream", a book of inspirational
poetry, and is currently working on a book of spiritual writings and other
writings that she hopes to have published soon.  At the heart of her
writings is the simple desire to be a help and encouragement to others,
but most of all to be a light for her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Inspired by God poetry by Nancye Sims

Creed To Live By Winners Are People Like You

Reach For Your Star

Along The Way
More to come More to come

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