I live in West Virginia ........ a beautiful state, but you have  to like mountains.
 (We have plenty of them) *smiles*

Ruth Ann says, "I consider one of my favourite things to do  is write poetry, 
I think creating a web page with heart warming thoughts has been
one of the most rewarding tasks I have accomplished.
I have made so many beautiful friends along the way .... and if I can
 just make one person smile today or have a warm thought,
then all of my efforts have been worthwhile.
My interests are, nature and beauty, the outdoors, trying the impossible
 (and hoping it works) and I "need" music in my life. It soothes the soul,
can make you smile, shed a tear or tap your feet.   I love all
types of music, from country to classical .
To all readers of my poetry, I wish you love and warm wishes always.
The many wonderful friends in this "Cyber World" is phenomenal!
I love you all and pray you will all receive God's blessings today and always."

Poetry by RuthAnn Mahaffey

Your Cheating Heart

To My Children

Farewell Dear Mother One Year Ago Today
USA 911 Letter From Heaven
I'm Just A Woman The Price of Hello is Goodbye
Before It Is Too Late A Priceless Gift
When I Get To Heaven More to come
More to come More to come
More to come More to come

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