Brenda was born 11th October, 1962 and grew up in  a small
East Texas town called Edgewood.  Brenda  now lives on 50 acres,
with her husband of 18 years, Keith ~ They hope one day to
raise cows and horses on their property.
Brenda has two beautiful sons, Kris 14 years old and
Kyle who will be nine in November 2002.
Kris was born with the  umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. 
 Kris inspired Brenda to head a support group to help other families
  that have children born with Special Needs.  Even though Kris  is fourteen,
mentally he is about five.  Brenda says "I feel that God blessed my life
in having Kris, I know I'm a better person for having Kris in my life.
 We like to travel,  so every time we get the opportunity, we load up
our travel trailer to explore the wide open spaces - we love it!  
My love of fishing and camping goes back to childhood, when Dad
would take my sister, two brothers and me fishing, and camping."
Brenda's gift of writing beautiful and inspirational poetry began
approximately 18 months ago, when she sat down and started  to
write about all the things she felt so deeply about in her life
and in her heart.   Brenda says, " I just hope and pray that
something I write will help others or inspire them in
some way. 
I write simple poems from my heart, that
tells of my love for Our Lord and for family."

Poetry by Brenda Conley

 Heavens Loveliest Rose Bouquet

 The Priceless Gift

 This Beautiful Lady

 The Feather

For all the love you've shown

 Missing Her

The Heart Has Always Known

For All The World 
To See

 This Golden Moment

 Angel Of Christmas Cheer

 The Golden Ring

 The Photograph

 I'll Be Waiting

The Young Woman I Adore

Nanny's Hands

My Beautiful Valentine

Two Hearts May Your Blessings Overflow
More to come More to come
More to come More to come

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